Single user or network systems, terminals on a network can be dedicated to specific functions such as Takeaway, Make-line, Driver Despatch, Table Service.
PosNet runs on any Windows EPOS terminal (or PC) (XP or later, except CE).

Customer displays and staff card swipe readers available on EPOS terminals.

Compatible with both thermal and dot matrix printers - drivers for major printer manufacturers are built into the software. Buzzers for printers available.
Thermal box-edge label printers available for pizza boxes or food canisters.

First Point of Contact

Post code look-up - when a new customer calls, simply ask for their postcode and 1Touch will fill in their address - you only need to touch a button to add the house number or name. Next time the customer calls, the system will recognise them instantly by their telephone number.
Instant Caller Recognition - when an existing customer calls, their address details, their order history and the store menu appear on the screen - before the end of the first ring.
If a customer withholds their number, you can quickly search and find them by their name or address.

Table Service (Optional)

Design a table layout/floor plan over multiple rooms/floors.
Move parties from the bar to a table (and back again).
Fast and straightforward touch screen ordering.
Dual pricing available for restaurant/takeaway
Works with single or multiple kitchen and bar printers, and kitchen monitors.
Log on screen for all team members.
Split bills and split payment methods.
Available from Main Menu or can be configured as dedicated screen on network. (Optional)

Delivery Driver Management

Despatch screen - you assign orders to drivers quickly by touching the screen.
Late orders, or those in danger of being late, highlighted on the screen.
Map display - touch the screen to display a street map around the delivery address.
Clear, professional receipts with business logo printed for the driver and customer.
Map/grid reference of the delivery address printed on the receipt - links to in-store wall map.

Reports and Analysis

Promotional messages on customer receipts - can be updated at anytime.
Print address labels or contact customers instantly by text or by e-mail.
Your customer database is the most important asset of your business - inTouch makes it easy to welcome new customers, remind lapsed customers, send special offers, apologise for late deliveries - effective local marketing is your future.
Texting - send text messages on demand or at pre-programmed times. Quickly and easily identify customers to target, messages can be updated at anytime, customer opt out.

Taking an Order

Fast touch screen ordering - no keyboard or mouse required.
Clear and straightforward order taking with all the required options such as: add toppings, fillings or dips, half pizzas, cooking instructions.
Easy and Fast meal deals Sections.
Manual discounts by amount or percentage - for authorized personnel.
Repeat a customer's last order with one touch on the screen
3 Tier pricing available for delivery/takeaway/Restaurant.
Items with open pricing available - the system will ask at the point of sale.






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